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General Academic Policies

Students should refer to the undergraduate or graduate catalog for specific information about degree requirements, grading policies, and applicability of transfer equivalent credit toward meeting degree requirements. This section summarizes academic policies related to transferring among divisions, declaring academic bankruptcy for a semester, and withdrawals. For more information, visit the University of Alabama Undergraduate Catalog.

Academic Bankruptcy

Academic bankruptcy involves a student’s request to retroactively withdraw from one academic term of work because of extreme personal, emotional, or financial circumstances so devastating that it becomes impossible for the student to perform academically at a level approximating the usual record of achievement. The summer sessions are considered one academic term. For more information about academic bankruptcy, visit the UA Undergraduate Catalog.

Transferring Among Divisions Within The University

A student registered in an undergraduate division of The University of Alabama who has earned fewer than 45 semester hours may transfer to another undergraduate division. A student who has earned 45 or more semester hours may transfer to another undergraduate division according to the rules established by the division to which s/he is applying. For more information about transfers within the University, visit the UA Undergraduate Catalog.


A student may withdraw from or drop an individual course until the end of the tenth week of a fall or spring semester, the second week of Interim session, the third week of a five-week summer session, or the fourth week of a 10-week session. After this period, students are expected to maintain their course loads. A student contemplating withdrawal from a course is strongly encouraged to contact his/her academic adviser before changing an academic schedule, as it can result in delayed graduation. For more information about withdrawal, visit the UA Undergraduate Catalog.